Whatever your business, property or location requirements, we will...
Whatever your property or location requirements, we will...

'Evolving furniture for every current trend'

Effect Furniture embodies the best of design, with uncompromising quality and luxury Effect represents a selection of innovative designs for the modern house.

At Effect you can find the complete home solutions including: kitchens, wall-to-wall storage systems, wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, side tables, beds, dining tables and chairs, sofas, lighting and occasional pieces.

Effect Furniture is an interpretation of our passion for good design. They reflect a little bit of Europe, a little bit of New York but adapted to the Australian lounge room. Effect Furniture is confident and committed to the Australian market and that both the product and market place is compatible.

Great design doesn’t just happen. It develops over decades, driven by the world’s most creative thinkers. Effect senses these brilliant ideas and turns them into icons for the future.

A new range of furniture for Effect. Geometric lines give shape to Effect’s new ‘Inovative’ collection.

Great design can appear in a moment. But more often, these moments arrive after decades of experience. The arrival of Effect furniture is not only signals a new collection from FCI, but an important design moment in the history of design. © 2005. all rights reserved